I danced with a million devils.
Died from a life of sin.
Made love to a million angels.
Murdered a million men.
There will be blood.

"My scars, my bruises, my damaged bits, they’re all fractions of who i am."
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Imagine an orgy with Demon!Dean, Meg, Ruby, Soulless Sam, and Leviathan Cas.

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Back in 1991, Marc Quinn started one of the most bizarre art projects in history – making detailed self-portraits from his own frozen blood. He has been making a new one every five year or so, since then. Marc Quinn created his “Self ” series as a means of recording the changes of his face throughout the years. For each of his four frozen portraits, Quinn used between four and five liters of his own blood, extracted over a period of five months. After creating a detailed mold of his face, he froze the blood to create his creepy portraits. They are maintained in refrigeration units at a constant temperature of -15 degrees Celsius, to prevent them from melting. The latest “Self” sculpture is hosted alongside other famous portraits, at the National Portrait Gallery, in England, while others have been bought by foreign galleries or private collectors.
Above: Self 1991, Self 1996, Self 2001, Self 2006

From the cliffs of a village in Papua New Guinea’s highlands, are the stained and charred corpses of the Anga people. In these remote parts of the country, it is the highest honour they can bestow on their dead. First, experienced embalmers make cuts in the feet, knees and elbows of the cadavers, to allow body fat to drain away, before jabbing bamboo poles into their guts and collecting the drippings. These are smeared onto the skin and hair of surviving relatives in a ritual believed to transfer the strength of the dead into the living. Any leftovers are used as cooking oil, for the same reason. They then sew shut the eyes, mouth and anus of the body their working on, to reduce the air intake in an attempt to prevent flesh from rotting. The soles of the feet, palms of the hands and tongue are sliced off and presented to the surviving spouse and then what’s left of the body is smoke cured over a fire pit, before being coated in clay and ochre to deter scavengers. The cliffs of the Morobe highlands are littered with these corpses, some dating back 200 years of more. They are sometimes brought down for special events and celebrations, and returned soon after.
Photo credit: (top)Michael Thirnbeck, (bottom)Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

For the past 75 years, a tiny bridal shop in Mexico has been the subject of some pretty crazy rumors. But the creepiest rumor centers around a bridal mannequin sitting in the window; a highly detailed dummy that many say is a perfectly preserved corpse. Eventually, people began to notice the similarities between the mannequin, nicknamed La Pascualita, and the daughter of La Popular’s proprietor, Pascuala Esparza. According to legend, Esparza’s daughter had tragically passed away on her wedding day, victim of a Black Widow spider bite. Locals whispered that the beautiful figure in the window was, in fact, the embalmed body of Esparza’s daughter. Of course, Pascuala Esparza formally denied the allegations, but by that point, it was too late - the legend was set in stone.Today, La Pascualita still sits in the window of La Popula, and the rumors have only become more pervasive. Of all the employees who work at the popular bridal shop, only two are allowed to change her clothing, and only behind closed doors. It’s a practice that makes some of the employees pretty uncomfortable.
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A body lies in a wheat field, in the wide debris field of Thursday’s Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash in Ukraine on July 18, 2014.
Photo credit: Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters

Fetal snake

5 Things We Learned from the Supernatural Panel at Today’s CW Press Event:
The Demon Version of Dean Is Sticking Around in Season 10 (And So is Castiel)
…”but he won’t be what you expect,” teased Executive Producer Jeremy Carver. Plus, there will be a mysterious new character who will be hunting down Dean at the same time as Sam.
As for Cas, he’s “very much in the picture at the beginning of the season. We come back to him where we left off - his grace is fading and he’s in danger of dying if he doesn’t deal with it,” said Carver.
Jensen and Jared Really Do Love Each Other
There were so many feels in the room when the boys were asked what it was like growing up on TV together. “I’d be doing a disservice to try to put into words what I’ve learned from Jensen,” said Jared Padalecki (Sam). “We’ve more than grown up together - we went from single twenty-somethings to husbands and fathers.”
"We have spent more time with each other than any other human on the planet over the last 10 years," said Jensen Ackles (Dean). He’s a brother on and off screen."
All That Stunt Work Takes a Toll
"We always knew it was going to be a physical show form the get-go," said Ackles, who loves the action. "Jared and I try to do as much of the physical stuff as possible - it kind of pisses the stunt guys off a little."
"But the bumps and bruises aren’t as easy as they were when I was 22," said Padalecki.
They’re Not Reading Your Fan Fic
But they might one day! Padalecki said, “I’d love to read fan fiction one day. I love that it inspires thought - that’s the point of art and music. But as an actor, I steer clear of it, simply because the stuff the writers give me about Sam is sacred to me.”
"We don’t pay a lot of attention to the fan fiction, and rightly so," agrees Ackles."We have to keep the character unsoiled in our heads. But listen, if fans are latching onto these characters and coming up with their own stuff, fantastic. We’re entertainment, and people can draw from that what they will."
Nobody Has Any Idea When Or How This Show Will End
Or if they do, they’re not telling. "We still get excited about it," said Ackles. "As long as there’s that fulfillment and excitement, we’ll keep going. As long as people are hanging in here with us, we’ll keep telling the story."
For Padalecki, the show would have to maintain its quality for him to continue. “I truly care about this show and about Sam,” he said. “I’ve spent 9 years of my life with him. We know the show enough and our characters well enough that if there’s an end coming, we won’t push it.”
Let’s hope that NEVER happens. Season 10 premieres October 7th!

"Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."

- P.C. Cast, Betrayed (via wordsnquotes)

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